Muscular and Flexibility Project

by ParthVader
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Muscular and Flexibility Project

Project: Muscular and Flexibility

For Business/Traveler Class. For participants that don't have much muscle tone, and are unable to stretch. This guide will help you perform excercises almost anywhere you go! This won't necessarily make you the incredible hulk, but you will definitely feel like you can run a 5k.

SAFETY GUIDELINES1. Always warm up before lifting weights, this can be done by stretching, or walking for 5-10 minutes.2. Always use the proper lifting technique, and breathe properly3. Always train to have muscular balance in your body, use a spotter when available, and always control the weight.4. Do not continue lifting if you feel pain. Give your body area trained on a 48 hour rest.5. Do not lift more than you know what is safe, dont bite more than you can chew!


Resistance Band - 10$Jump Rope- 6$Most hotels travelers will go to will have amenities, such as the pool, stairs, and mini gyms. They can use these for the free cardio, or extra lifting. As well as phone books in their rooms.

By: Parth Patel :)



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