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DifferentiationThe class, both 5th and 6th, are divided into 4 groups in terms of ability- the terriers,huskies,jaguars and gladiators. these 3 groups work on and are tested on different spellings every week. 6th class do their own maths in a different room with a different teacher on their own.


ResourcesEach child has their own mini whiteboard. this is very useful for maths as a child can write on it and erase from it with ease. they use the 'show me' system where the teacher asks them to do a sum and they write it on their boards and hold it up.

integration is used in many subjects incuding, for example, the industrial revolution in history is integrated with writing in english, as well as modern day slave labour in SPHE.

Mullahoran NS is a mixed rural deis school. my class is 5th and 6th, boys and girls with a range of ability.

ImaginationGroups are given stories to write with very imaginative headings such as 'invent a new season' or 'how did this man end up in the wall?' (with picture). these headings encourage alot of imagination.

PlanningThe teacher works off a 2 yearly plan. she does 2 two weekly plans every months. these are her nótaí coícise. everything out of these plans that Mrs. McKeogh manages to cover goes into the cúntas míosúil.

Classroom organisation6th on one side of the room, 5th on the other. class broken into 4 groups based on ability. 6th go to another room and teacher for maths.

Behaviour managementA points system operates in the class. Disruptive children earn points for being good, and get a prize at the and of the week if they have enough points.



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