Mrs. Willits and Mrs. Park's Weather Forecast Project

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Earth Sciences

Test Glog

Want to graph the weather?Get your graph here!

So you want to be a weather forecaster for the day? Please follow these steps...1. Watch the attached video.2. Sign up using the link above the video. 3. Print the attached graph or create your own(You can track the weather using the graph even if you don't want to be a weather forecaster of the day).4. Check back each day to see how the weather is around the state of Pennsylvania and wait for your day!See instructions on how to be a weather forcaster of the day...

To sign up,CLICK HERE

On your day...Fill our this form by 9:00amClick hereBy noon, create a Voki with your verbal weather forecast. You will only have 2 minutes. Be sure to include all of the information on the form and any other interesting weather related information. Have fun!

Daily Weather ForecastProject

Log into Voki Classroomclick paper clip at the top for your username and password.



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