Mrs. Frisby And The Rats Of NIHM

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Mrs. Frisby And The Rats Of NIHM

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats Of NIMH



Mrs. Frisby


Mrs. Frisby plans to move because the farmer will begin plowing the feild they live in soon. Unfortunately, her son, Timothy got sick with pneumonia. She goes to her old friend Mr. Ages to see what she could do to help Timmy. He says that because he is sick, and he must eat medicine and not go outside for 3 weeks or he will die. But they must move so she asks Mr. Ages what they could do in her situation. He tell her to ask the great owl. The owl says there is nothing he can do. That is until she mentions she is a widow of Jonathan Frisby. Immediately remember his old friend, the great owl tell Ms. Frisby to go behind the rose bush and ask for Nicodemus. After her second try to get a hold of him, she tells him her problem. Nicodemus then tells her a story of her late husband and him as young children. And he also tells her that his rats can pull her house out of the feild without Timmothy getting outside. After a lot of hard work, Mrs. Frisby 's house is moved but Nicodemus dies a tragic death.

Mrs. Frisby is a shy feild mouse who runs into some inconvience. She has to move but her son is sick, and cannot go outside. After a long journey to see what she can do, she realizes she must ask the Rats Of NIMH for help.

After realizing her late husband was a friend of these rats, they decide to help her move. Lots of sweat, blood, and tears were shed but they eventually go the job done without her son dieing.


When Mrs. Frisby asks him for help, he does not know what to say. It was until she mentions she is Jonathan Frisby wife that he decides to help. It was because Jonathan was a childhood friend. It was then that he rounded up his rats and help her out


After sucessfully carrying out the plan to help Mrs. Frisby he carries out his own plan. It would've went smoothly until a last minute attack from the exterminators. He help every rat escape, but he sacrificed himself.


By: Robert C. O' Brien



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