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Average food spending was $6133, of which $3465 was spent on meals at home $300 per month on meals prepared at home and roughly $225 per month on meals away from home. spending for housing was $16,920 for the year, The average consumer unit spent $8758 on transportation, or about $725 per month.Tobacco , $ 380.00Alcohol , $ 435.00Hotel/Vacation , $672.00Pets/Hobbies/Toys , 690.00Television & Radio equipment , 975.00Gifts , 1,067Food ( away from home ) , 2,619

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Money , Money

1) Women spend their money on hair, clothes, shoes, and health/fitness expenses 2) Men spend their money on gambling, sports, cars, and alcohol3) Teens spend their money on eletronics, shoes, video games, friendly outtings, music and clothes.

Social security 456,413National defense 348,555Medicare 230,855Health 196,545Interest 170,951Other 97,794Fed. employee retirement 83,193Education/soc. services 70,544Transportation 61,862Veterans services 50,984Unemployment 50,645Administration of justice 34,316Food assistance 33,228Natural resources 29,454International affairs 22,357Agriculture 22,188General government 17,385Space flight 13,473Community development 12,991General science 7,242



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