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by YixuanZhang
Last updated 2 years ago

Language Arts
English Language Learners ELL, ESL EFL

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  • luluyue 2 years ago

    luluyue's avatar

    Hi, Yixuan, your summary for the three weeks discussion are very useful and helpful to understand the content of this model. Also, the video is very interesting.Last but not least, good job on the final refection of this course. :)

  • sgfrench 2 years ago

    sgfrench's avatar

    I like the way you set up your blog visually! I think the things you chose to highlight are great and informative! Great job!

  • KathrynH1 2 years ago

    KathrynH1's avatar

    The pictures/video you included from the classrooms is very relevant. I always like to see what is going on in other schools/classrooms.

  • jmlow 2 years ago

    jmlow's avatar

    Very nice work. I really enjoyed hearing your experiences as an international student at Purdue. You make a really great point about collaborating with peers. It is really important to respect the different ways that people from other cultures think and to use those differences to create a richer, deeper understanding of each other.

  • FangfeiGuo 2 years ago

    FangfeiGuo's avatar

    Hi Yixuan, your poster is really helpful for us to review Module 5 and get the idea about how important a teacher would be for ELL students. Appropriately designed instructions can make a difference. Besides, thank you for the final reflection which is a perfect ending of our group's course work. Well done!

  • ksteines 2 years ago

    ksteines's avatar


    I like the way you set up this glog! The text boxes you used make it appealing to look at. You provided a good summary of the module. I also like how you included your personal experiences and final reflection!

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