Moduel 2 - Language, Development and Education

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by FangfeiGuo
Last updated 2 years ago

Language Arts
English Language Learners ELL, ESL EFL


  • sgfrench 2 years ago

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    I liked how you highlighted in different colors and labeled it by weeks! Lots of information here! Great job!

  • jmlow 2 years ago

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    Hi Fangfei,

    Nice job! I really enjoyed your language video. You did a really nice and easy to understand summary of the different theories and stages of language learning.

  • ksteines 2 years ago

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    I think you did a good job on your organization of this glog. It was easy to follow and summarized the module well. I had the module following yours (Language Development and Education part 2) and I feel like your glog is a good predecessor for mine.

  • luluyue 2 years ago

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    wonderful on the summarizing part , and which is more helpful si that you highlight the part that is very clear to understand main point. Plus, i like the videos in your blogs, too. Good job!

  • KathrynH1 2 years ago

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    The individual characteristics of second language learning is so interesting to me - great that you included the list.

  • sbargo 2 years ago

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    I really like how detailed you were with your Glog. I also like how you organized your Glog by week. The videos were very helpful as well.