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Mobile LearningCreated by:Brittany ScottNicole Huber

Mobile Learning is unstructured "learning on the go" that allows students and teachers to learn independently while having fun with technology. It is convenient and extends the reach of teaching and learning. There are also apps available that can be used for teacher resources.

This app contains a periodic table with temperature variations and displays elemental properties. It covers the fundamentals of chemistry and offers a study guide.

iTeach Chemistry

This free app is the future for teachers. It is a mobile resource that keeps track of grades, assignments, attendance, teachers' schedules, and statistics of the class.

There's an App for that!

Todo Math

This app is extremely interactive as it plays music and teaches children K-3 basic mathematics. This app helps students learn by offering games that apply to all learning styles.

TeacherTool One

~ Good use of "dead time"~ Fits many learning styles~ Improves learners' confidence~ Improves social networking skills~ Direct interaction with learningClick to read more!

Benefits of Mobile Learning

Click to view some cool apps for mobile learning!

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