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Click here. You can learn more about me by visiting my website which has samples of my teaching materials, cv, and dissertation abstract.

Marta L. Magnuson

I created this course in 2010 as part of my dissertation research. It is my favorite course to teach!

I am currently a Senior Instructional Develpoment Specialist at UWM for the Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership. In this role I oversee quality improvement plans in the key areas of instructional technology, curriculum development, and program planning. Before that I was the Instructional Technology and Effective Practices Research Coordinator in the Hedberg Library at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. A large part of my position involved working with faculty to incorporate technology effectively into their teaching and research. I also did a variety of information literacy instruction for various courses and departments on campus.Last May I completed my PhD in Education from UWM. During my time as a doctoral student I worked as an adjunct instructor for an undergraduate course on information literacy and a teaching assistant for an intro to information science course. I also worked as a research assistant for a grant that dealt with assistive educational tools and technology and how they affect student learning. I have my Masters in Library and Information Science and previously worked as an online academic librarian where I did most of my teaching and reference work via live chat and email.

My husband and me at Prague Castle

My daughter, Amelia, was born this March which made for a very busy spring semester. She almost 6 months now and so much fun!



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