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Earth Materials


A. These?

B. These?


Answer(scroll down)----------------------------------Technically a mineral is a naturally occuring, homogeneous, inorganic crystalline solid having a characteristic chemical composition. So the answer is B. "Minerals" used for health are in fact essential elelments derived from minerals. We need to recognize that all elements used for health and all of the manufactured items we use come from minerals. Although vitamins are not true minerals, referring to them as such underlines the dependence of the biosphere, of which are part of, on the geosphere.

what's the difference?

Here are the basic you should know

Only a few of these minerals, such as quartz, feldspar and calcite are economically valuable. Hundreds of other less common minerals are required for the items we use.

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38,052 lbs. of new minerals must be provided for every person in the US to make the things we use every day

rock forming minerals

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Which are truely minerals?


Atoms, minerals and rocks -

Do you know . . .


Strategic Minerals- What you should know

Do we take minerals for granted?

What physical properties do minerals have?How do we use them to identify minerals?

Do this lab and learn

As economies move away from fossil fuels towards clean energy the demand and competition for critical mineral resources will become intense.

And there will always be consequences. Minerals resources drive economies and political policy.

Conflict Minerals

Lets summarize a few reasons why minerals are important:

1. Minerals form rocks; we need to know them in order to identify and interpret rocks, and to learn about the earth.2. Minerals are required for all biological processes.3. Technology cannot progress and economies cannot grow without mineral resources.4. The need for mineral resources drives many aspects of foreign policy.

How are these values determined?





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