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MichaelFavorite Sports Teams Auburn,Steelers,Lakers,and Red Sox.

If you could pick one word to describe yourself, what would it be and it be Short.

What would you like to do for a career when you are finish with school is get a baseball, soccer career.

What is your favorite thing todo outside of school is sports because I go to my baseball patice.

If you could vist any one place in the whole entire world, where would it be, it will be at Heinz field in Pittsburgh.

What is your favorite subject is Gym class because i like baseball outside.

What advice would you give a friend who is being cyber bullied is Block his/her email that they give you.

What was your favorite part of 7th grade so far is Homework .

What advice would you give a 6th grader getting ready for7th grade is to be prepare for homework .

Favorite musical artist Motorhead


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