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Mentorship is guiding someone through a certain situation or just life, giving them life, and helping them believe in their dreams.

Qualities of a good mentorship:* Good Communication*Good Support System*Sincere / Kind Words

de La Salle as a mentor to the Christian Brothers:He always cared about the advice he was giving, he was approachable for the Christian Brothers, and he gave good advice to them.

Learning from the Reading the letters:There will always be problems that come up with tissues and disagreeing with some peoples ways. It is important thought to follow what you believe is right.

Mentoring those who don't want to change they're behaviors.*Yes it is possible, if it is a support system, at least the other person will know you are there for them.

Challanges with being a good mentor: making the time to do it and not knowing wether or not your advice is good or bad.

De La Salle going beyond and above:de La Salle was always available to contact if any of the Brothers needed hlep. He was able to bring guidance and support of God to the Christian Brothers.



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