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Favorite color: GreenFavorite Movie: It's a Wonderful LifeFavorite Food: PizzaFavorite Season: FallFavorite Game: Cards (Hearts!)Favorite Number: 7

Meet Me.....

I love spending time with my husband, Dave, and my children, John and Samantha. I also love getting together with my mother and father, my brothers and sisters and their families.

I have been a teacher for just over 22years. For all but one of those years I have taught Grade 4 at the Boyden School - thus my "Boyden Pride". I truly enjoy working with the students and families at Boyden. I am continually looking for new and innovative methods to help my students learn!

When I'm not teaching I love to go kayaking, being on the computer (writing blogs, lmaking glogs and looking for great websites), reading, writing, walking and above all, being with my family.

I am a life long learner. I grew up in Walpole and attended the Fisher School, West Jr. High School and Walpole High School. I then received degrees from Mass Bay Community College, Bridgewater State College and most recently Simmons College!

I am always reflecting and creating new goals for myself.....I would like to continue to support my family in their endeavors, learn new technology to advance the learning of my students and someday become the Teacher on the Trail in the Iditarod.

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Mrs. Carroll


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