media center procedures

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media center procedures

Media Center Procedures

Enter the Media Center using a Voice Level # 0

Wait on the green line for Teacher's instruction.

Free Time: * Check out Library Materials (3)* Independant Reading * Reading Counts Quiz

Bathroom:Not during instruction.Emergency use only.

Follow School Wide Expectations at all times.

Behavior Intervention:#1. Verbal Warning#2. Written Warning#3. Time out with mark#4. Think Time Sheet#5. Parent Contact"Think Sheet"#3. # on CHAMPS chart

Positive Acknowledgement:CHAMPS Chip"High Five" for Game Day

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Go Back!

Procedure Posters and "Think Sheets"

Marks within one "High Five" period may cause one to miss some or all of their game day:1 = 10 mins. 2 = 15 min.3 = 20 mins. 4 = Entire time


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