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Sydney Carton

This picture of a heart being broken accuratly describes Sydney's relationship with Lucie. He loved her with all her heart, but knew they could never be together because he knew he would only tear her down.

This a picture of a man's shadow. Sydney practically lived in the shadows. He was always present, but out of sight and it was better this way. He sat in the shadows until it was necessary to emerge from them.

This is a picture of a man bowing down to show loyalty. This depicts Carton because it shows how he was always loyal to the Mannette family. He had a never ending love for them and thought they were more importan than he would ever be. He would give anything for them, even his life.

I put in a picture of tears because it shows that carton was always depressed and upset with his life. He thought he ment nothing to the world and if he were to die he though no one would pity it. He could help out anyone, but himself.

This is a picture of Lucy, Darnay and Carton. The main part of the picture is how similat Darnay and Carton look. This similarity becomes an important part in how Darnay saves Charles twice.

I added a picture of beer because Carton had a drinking issue. He drank all of the time because it was an outlet of his depression and a major trouble in his life,

This picture of the guillotine symbolizes Carton's ultimate sacrafice at the end of the book which is death. The guillotine is also the reason for all of the mayhem that goes on in the revolution.

I put in a picture of books to show how intelligent Carton is. In the book he was able to spontaneously come up with ways to save Darnay and he seemed to always have an answer for how to solve a problem. Also he always knew when to make an appearance or in other words, emerge from the shadows.



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