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citesThrough the Seasons with Birds: Fall Maslowski Wildlife Productions, 1994 . Full Video.Discovery Education. Web. 19 March 2015. . Zucchini Plants Jupiterimages Corporation, 2006 . Image.Discovery Education. Web. 19 March 2015. .Pack of Wolves eating kill Discovery Communications, Inc., . Image.Discovery Education. Web. 19 March 2015. .Cactus (1) Jupiterimages Corporation, 2006 . Image.Discovery Education. Web. 19 March 2015. .

Rainforest #vocabularyby Marissa Stai

Adapt-To change to be able to survive in a particular enviroment.#changeordeath

Biota-Everything living including things we cant see.#smallliving

Biodiversity-the variety of all living organisms #everyonetogether

Chlorophyll-the green matter in plantsneeded to produce food.#greenplant

Dependence-the ecological process when one plant or animal needs another to survive.#ineedyou

Ecosystem-a system where organisms live and interact with each other.#interactingwithyou

Endemic- native to a region and found nowhere else.#findmehere

Foraging-searching for food#lookingformysnack

Habitat-area in wich an organism lives#myhome

Species- a group of plants or animals that are the smae type.#crew

Indigeous-originatingin and characteristic of a particular region or country; native.#birthplace

Migration- the process or act of migrating.#moving

Symboitic-living in symbiosis or having and interdependent relationship.#dontneedyou

Mutualism-a relationship between two species of organisms in which both benifit from the association.#teamwork

Competition-the struggle among organisms, both of the same and of different species, for food, space, and other vital requirements.#whowillwin



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