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I was born Syracuse, the largest greek settlements. I am greek. I was the most original and most profound matician.. Iam also physiciast and an engineer. I studied with Euclid who wa also a mathmatician.

I created volume. I proved the cow of the lever and invented the compund pulley. If it is posssible to move a great wieght with a small influence it was done by Archimedes.

Archimedes created an Invention in ancient Egypt to drain and irragate the land in the NlieValley. It is known as the "Archimedes Screw." The screw carries water upward a the inner spiral is turned.

I studied publirated parabowids armed.. How to finda when a ship will overturn.

Archimedes discovered that his spiral could be used to contract a triangle showing the name area of a circle. Putting unitson pi.(Archimedes used 96 sirded figures-instead of the square.)

His method of finding the area of an irregular figure used a balance arm to comparether fogure with a known fugure suvh as a square or triangle.

ARCHIMEDESThe famous Mathematician!


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