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Chemical Elements

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Chemical symbol: Mg.Number of protons: 12.Number of neutrons: 12.Number of electrons: 12.Atomic number: 12.Atomic mass: 24.305 amu.

The Element ofMagnesiumBy: Alejandra Avalos-Belloso

Magnesium is used in:PyrotechnicsFlaresFirework sparklesSaltsBuildingMagnesium Bromine is utilized as a sedative. Phototgraphic Flashbulbs

History:It was dicovered in 1618 by Mr. Henry Wicker, a farmer. He was feeding his cows water when he noticed they didn't want it because of its bitterness. He noticed that it healed rashes and scratches. Little did he know that it was magnesium sulphite.

Facts1,202 degrees F is its meliting point.Its boiling point is 2,024.6 degrees F.Its crystal structure is hexagonal.'Twas isolated by Sir Humphry Davy & recognized as an element by Joseph Black.

Bonus!These particular salts are used in fertilizers & food!

LocationPeriod: 3.Group: 2.Family: Alkaine Earth Metals; Solid.Looks LikeIt looks like a crystalized rock with grayish hue.


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