Looking for Alaska

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The begining of the book takes place in Florida at Miles' house. Soon after the setting changes to Culver Creek Boarding school in Alabama.


Author: John Green

A Chance to Read

Name: Dani Smith...... Class: EN-110....

-Miles moves to Culver Creek-Miles is introduced to his room mate and friends-Weekday Warriors almost kill Miles-First prank is played-Attends basketball game-Main prank of the book is played-Plot Twist

Main Events

Miles "Pudge" Halter -Sweet, self-conscious, open-minded, loyal loves alaska Alaska Young-Impulsive, mysterious, flirty,secretive, self-destructive, she can hide her pain but it breaks loose eventuallyChip "Colonel" Martin- strong, a leader, comes up with a lot of their mischievous plans, loyal friend to alaskaTakumi- Kind of the odd one out, naive, slightly nerdy, aims to please his friends, tries very hard to be accepted, self-consciousLara Buterskaya- good friends with Alaska, funny, kind of immature, flirty, doesn't always see the big picture


Title: Looking for Alaska



What I though

Mature Teenagers and Adults- Explicit Situations-Fowl Language- Graphic Situations

-"What sets this novel apart is the brilliant, insightful, suffering but enduring voice of Miles Halter." --Chicago Tribune-"Funny, sad, inspiring, and always compelling." --Bookpage

I loved this book. It was an easy read but very captivating. It lived up to all expectations that I had. I would read this book 100 times over!!

Book Cover


Miles Halter leaves his Florida home to attend the same boarding school that his father once attended on a mission find his Greater Perhaps. While at Culver Creek Miles is introduced to a group of friends who will change his life. A girl down the hall (Alaska) brings up the question from Simon Bolivar's last words. What is the labyrinth? This is what Miles will spend his time at Culver Creek trying to find out.



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