Literacy in the 21st Century

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Literacy in the 21st Century

Literacy in the 21 st CenturyMarch 16, 2010Reflections on a day to listen, share and explore technology

On March 16 a group of teachers gathered to discuss literacy in the 21st century through technology. It was a great opportunity to have the ability to learn from and share ideas about technology with teachers from around the Division in a variety of disciplines. Teacher led PD always seems like the most effective and user friendly becuase the ideas presented are tried and true methods recently used not just pie in the sky ideas based on educational research from someone who doesn't interact with students on a daily basis in the classroom. Teachers have a wealth of knowledge and having the time to collaborate and share ideas is very beneficial to all involved.


How do you define literacy?

Communication and understanding through a variety of media and medium. Involves the four language strands, senses and symbols. Literacy is dependent on the subject being studied or discussed such as math, technology, or even music.

Although I wsa familiar with Inspiration, Google Images and Photostory before attending this session I felt like I walked away with an idea of how to use these tools in concert with each other to achieve a curricular objective. As I sat there my colleague and I were able to bounce around ideas of how we would use this in our EAL class.

Session #1

Session #3

Session #2

Collaborative Learning

Since the appearance of SMART boards in classrooms teachers have been eagerly awaiting their opportunity to utilize these tools in their classrooms. In this session the presenter discussed the use of SMART boards in the History classroom and the benefits to students that the interactivity provides learners.

This was the first time that Joanne and I presented what we have been working on over the past year in our EAL class and my Spanish classes. It was the product of what we had learned at variety of PD sessions including a most informative trip to Washinton D.C. to attend NECC 2009 as well as a lot of exploring on our own. We had a few goals in mind as we prepared for our presentation. One was to show teachers a variety of Web 2.0 tools that we have used and found worked well with our students. In addition we wanted to provide teachers with a place to go to access what we have presented including Internet links and electronic versions of handouts that were used to execute the assignments. The only glitch that we had was the SMART tablet bluetooth software was not installed on the the presenter computer and we weren't able to utilize the SMART tablet. We look forward to future presentations as well as furthering our project.



Learner Engagement Projects Using Smartboards and Other Tools

Google Images



Web 2.0Bringing Technology to Language Learners


My Technology Roots

In the last session I was alble to fill in and do a brief demonstration of Diigo is an open source social bookmarking site that has potential to be a great educational tool. Users are able to bookmark, highlight, comment and leave sticky notes on Web Sites that are then collected, stored and shared with members of your group. It appeared as if those attending would find this tool useful.




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