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#Rainforest Vocabulary

Dependence-The ecological process when one plant or animal needs another to survive.#Don'teatme

Habitat-Area in which an organisms live.#Home

Endemic-Native to a region and found nowhere else.#I'mnotleaving

Biodiversity-The variety of all living organisms.#Livingparts

Chlorophyll-The green matter in plants needed to produce food.#cakebatter

Ecosystem-A system where organisms live and interact with each other.#Iloveyou

Biota-Everythingliving including things we cannot see.#Liveanysize

Adapt-to be able to survive in a particular enviroment.#Live@home

Species-A group of plants or animalsthat are of the same size.#Sissies #Bros

Foraging-Searching for food.#Foodcomeoutcomeout!

Indigenous-Produced, living, or existing naturally in an enviroment.#Livein1place

Migrate-Moving from one place to another.#I'mmovingonfriday

Symbiotic-A relationship between two living things depending on each other.#Iloveyou

Parasitism-A relationship between two organisms where one lives as a parasite.#Bigandsmallbffs

Competition-A contest for a prize, honer, or advantage.#Thetortoiseandthehare

Mutualism-A relationship between two spcies of organisms.#Besties

Commensalism-A type of relationship between two species of a living thing in which one lives with, on, or, in another without damage to either.#Iwonthurtyou

Struggling to Survive: Tropical Rain Forests Cochran, 1996 . Full Video.Discovery Education. Web. 20 March 2015. .



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