Libro de graduacion-9

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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Libro de graduacion-9

“The name´s Bond. James Bond”We know the name and we know the number. We know to music too.We hear it and we think, “James Bond”There are about twenty Bond Films. The first film was Dr No in 1962. Sean Connery was James Bond. The films are very famous. What do we know about the world of James Bond? There aare twelve James Bond books. The writer was Iann Fleming (1908-64). At one time fleming worked with secret agents. From 1946 he lived in Jamaica. The name of his house was “Goldeneye”. In 1995 this was the name of a Bond film too.James Bond is a British secret agent. He works for MI6. The head of the secret agents is “M”. Every secret agent has a number, Bond´s number is 007. Bond is a clever secret agent, and his job is never boring. It´s very important to him. Bond has no family. His mother and father are dead. He doesn´t have many friends. He has a flat in London, but he isn´t often there. His job takes him to many countries in the world.

The world of 007

Bond dresses well. We don´t see Bond in blue jeans! He drives expensive cars-an Aston Martin, a Lotus or a BMW. He likes beautiful women and they like him!Bond stays in expensive hotels and lives well in many countries. People go to James Bond films because they like seeing beautiful places. They think “I want to go there too”



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