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Liberty: Julia Alvarez

Sacrifice because the story demonstrates what Julia and her family had to give up and risk in order to live in America.

Exposition: SettingTime- at night/early morning, around 1960'sPlace- Dominican Republic Mood- Depressing, CruelPurpose of the setting- People who lived in the Caribbean and Latin American countries wanted to leave their homelands because of political oppression, war, or harsh living conditions.

Protagonist- Julia Alvarez (loyal, smart, and naive)Supporting Characters- Liberty (energetic, faithful) , Papi (caring, encouraging), Mami (critical, anxious)Antagonist- The two men in dark glasses (odd) because they're trying to make sure Julia's family says within the border of their country and its their job to catch them.


Conflict/Resolution:The conflict is Man vs. Society because the family is trying to go the U.S. where they'll find liberty, but the government control is trying to stop them. The resolution is when they leave their country to the U.S. to start a new free life.

Climax- Liberty runs awayRising Action-1. Papi brings home Liberty to his family from Mister Victor.2. Mister Victor talks to Papi to help them escape to America.3. The next morning, Julia searches for Liberty to save him from the two men.

Falling Action-1. Liberty whimpers and disappears into the world2. Julia's aunt tells her that she will find Liberty by the time she's in America.3. Julia hopes when she comes back to her homeland, Liberty will be waiting.

1. "A black-and-white-speckled electric current of energy" (Alvarez 246).2. "Papi had built it when Liberty first came, a cute little house, but then he painted it a putrid grean that reminded me of all the vegetables I didn't like" (Alvarez 248).




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