Letter To Myself

by Fraygo
Last updated 5 years ago

Language Arts

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Letter To Myself

Letter To Myself

Dear Breanna Deora Frayer, I'm so glad that I've witness you grow over the past 15 years. I remember how you were once a shy girl; reminding me of a caterpillar, slowly crawling among the world cautiously. You were so afraid to speak out and voice your opinions; you were never able to be yourself. But as I look back to you high school years, you became more mature. You started to stand out from the crowd and realize that it is okay to be different. During your graduation, I saw something different in you as you walked across that stage. You were finally the beautiful lavender butterfly that our parents always wanted us to be. Not only that, you became everything that you said you would! You became a Biomedical Engineer after six years of college at Grand Valley, you created the most used calibrating utensil ever made and you have your Masters Degree. I am proud of you and your life in Grand Rapids. You have done the things that you have always dreamed of. Keep living this great life and keep up the good work!!! Love Always, The Future YOU



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