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Week 3 saw me expanding my learning resources to include Busuu (which I wasn't a fan of) and Memrise. Duolingo continued to be the dominant most useful resource, but Memrise has complemented it quite nicely. I feel like I'm making great progress and am now able to create simple sentences. My challenges at this point involve deciphering the language orally.Week 3 Blog Post

This week I introduced the topic of my learning project (Learning Italian), and assessed my current knowledge and level. I also began researching open resources online that I might use throughout te journey. WEEK 1 BLOG POST

I made great progress this week! I went from speaking virtually no Italian to gaining a wide variety of basic vocabulary thanks to Duolingo. I focussed my efforts mainly on Duolingo this week to begin building a solid foundation to move forward with my Italian Language development.Week 2 Blog Post

I feel as though I turned a corner in week 4 and moved on from just basic vocab, to conversational Italian. This is thanks to the fantastic free course I enrolled in through edX! The course is very comprehensive and provides all aspects of learning the Italian language including culture tips.Week 4 Blog Post

At the end of this journey, I'm proud to say that I'm able to read, speak and understand some basic Italian conversation. I am by no means even close to being fluent, but I have a fantastic start to what I hope will become a second language for me.   Io parlo un po Italiano e io sono molto felice!!!  Week 6 Blog Post

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This week is a challenge as I find myself approaching a level that takes more thought and very consistent oral, auditory and written practice. The rules of the language are important at this point. Because my progress isn't moving quite as fast, it is harder to motivate myself to work at it as much as I was in previous weeks. This week I tried practicing my oral skills by reading Italian stories to my children and speaking with Italian house guestsWeek 5 Blog Post

Week 5


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