Leaders Around the World

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Social Studies

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Leaders Around the World

Activity 1: Watch the video above on Presidents. Then click on the picture of President Barrack Obama below to create an acroustic poem.

Leaders Around the World

Today we will be discussing and comparing world leaders. We will discuss various different leaders from all over the world. Some of the leaders we will discuss are:*President Barrack Obama (United States)*Queen Elizabeth (United Kingdom)*Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Canada)*King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia)*Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang (China)

Activity 3: Click on the picture of Prime Minister Stephen Harper to listen to a bibliography. Then complete a bio cube by clicking on the Canadian flag.

Activity 2:Click the picture of Queen Elizabeth to watch a video. Then click on the picture of the crown to complete a KWL chart on Queen Elizabeth.

Activity 5:Click on the video of Premier of the State Council Li Keqiang and watch. Then create a wordle by clicking on the picture above of the flag of China.

Activity 4:Watch the video below on King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by clicking below. Then click on the pencil above to draw a picture of him using the online sketch pad.



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