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Barack was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu Hawaii.When he was 6, his parents divorced.Barack was named after his father.When he was young, he was called Barry.When he was young, people had a hard time pronouncing his name.He liked to play basketball and he loved to read.Barack was a good student.

He was a math teacher before he went into office.He married Michelle Robinson.They have two daughters.He worked as an economist.

LaVoie LanePresident Obama Research

He was a senator first before he became president.He ran against Hillary Clinton in the primary.He ran against John McCain.

His family got a dog after they moved into the White House.Barack is the 44th United States President.He was the first African American PresidentHe was sworn in on January 20, 2009.Barack won the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Presidency

The Early Years


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The Campaign



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