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In Their Words

Digital Media and the English Language Learner

Culture-Based Presentations

Vocabulary Introduction

Discovery Education has songs, sound effects, audio, and video

Video as Contextual Information

Use audio-visual aids such as photos, gestures, sounds, intonation cues, movement, demonstration

Look for speaker or interview-based videos - this allows viewing of mouth and word formation

Use grade level filters for i+1 – introducing vocabulary at one level beyond learner’s linguistic competence

Closed Captioning

Children who watch television with closed captioning “significantly improved their vocabulary and oral reading fluency” For language learners, “captioned television improves reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary, word recognition and overall motivation to read”- National Captioning Institute

Songs and Audio

- Repetitive and rhythmic- Bundle culture, vocabulary, listening, grammar - Are a fun way to increase vocabulary- Create positive learning environments

Click to play "Letters “c” and “g” Have Two Sounds"

Songs are:

Use sound effects:

- Listening exercises- Auditory learners connect sound to vocabulary- Assess using sounds

Project Learning

- Small groups require communication- Increase interaction and expression- Positive, concrete goals- Technology is democratic


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