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There is 5 types of mountains volcanic, fold, fault block, dome, erosion

ContrastMountains are higher and steeper than hillsHills are covered in grass and mountains are normally just rock

CompareA hill is a beginning of mountain


A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land.

Earth’s layers made of rock are called strata. Earth’s plates collide or crash into each other. When this happens The strata are bent and folded and pushed upward. In Millions of years they become mountain called Fold Mountains.

What does it look like?A mountain is steep, and has sloping sides, some are rocky, if they are tall enough at the peak there is snow.

Mountains cover ⅕ of earths land surface. 75% of the worlds countries have mountains. The world's highest peak on land is Mount Everest in the Himalayas. It is 8,850.1728 m ( 29,036 ft ) tall.

So What???Bad if we had no mountainsMountains are normally borders so if there was no mountains then people would get in fight and wars would start.Good if we had no mountainsNo avalanches to hurt people and the environmentLess water in the river so less chances of floods because when an avalanche happens it brings snow down and it melts then the water goes to a stream where it might flood it.






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