Korean Symbols

by CarrieGardner
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Korean Symbols

There are many opinions on what does and does not represent Korea in a symbolic nature. Here you can see just a few of the most pertinent symbols...and find more by clicking on them!

Here you see the Taegeuk: the Ultimate Existence. Embodying the existence of Yin and Yang, it represents the ultimate equality and balance. It also represents the continuous cycle of life. Click on the Taegeuk to access's exhaustive list of Korean Symbols.

Here you see Mugunghwa: the Rose of Sharon. This is the national flower of Korea. Click on the Mugunghwa to access Korea's National Tourism Site for their list of symbols related to Korea.

Here you see the Buddhist Swastika. This represents auspiciousness. Korea has deep roots in Buddhism and temples can be found throughout the country. For more information about Korean Temples, click the Buddhist Swastika and it will bring you to the "religions" page automatically.

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