Juan Gonzalez

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Juan Gonzalez

TALENTGonzales was very talented which was one attribute that led to his success. For example, Gonzalez was the 3-time All Star in the years 1993, 1998, 2001. He was also voted the American League MVP. Additionally, Gonzalez won 6 Silver awards.

PASSIONGonzalez had a burning passion for baseball, which was another trait that led him to success. In May 30, 1986, Gonzalez was signed by the Texas Rangers an amateur free agent in Puerto Rico at the age of 16. Although, he faced many injuries during his baseball career, Gonzalez still plays the game he loves by playing for the minor league team the Long Island Ducks.

LEADERSHIPGonzalez's leadership skills was another facet that led him to success. He led the Texas Rangers with home runs in 1992, with a 43 season total. At that time, Gonzalez was only 23 years of age and it was good for the Rangers since the team has failed to win its division in 21 years.

PERSONALITYGonzalez has a very complex personality and in some ways, led to his success. Gonzalez can be described as helpful. For example, he coached the Puerto Rican national team in the 2008 American Baseball Cup, which is homeland won to advance to the 2009 Baseball World Cup. Also, Gonzales constantly drew media attention because he was shy of reporters and unsure of his English.

The Muscle Bound, Right Handed Slugger- Juan Gonzalez's Success???

RESILIENCE/STAYING POWERGonzalez was resilience and had staying power which was another factor that led to his success. While injuries sidelined him for part of 1995, he came back the next season stronger than ever. Gonzalez was signed by the Kansas City Royals in January 6, 2004, but his back worsened in May and season had to end. He was signed by the Cleveland Indians, but suffered a major hamstring injury in 2005. Despite all of his injuries, Gonzalez has quite an impressive record in the major leagues_434 home runs, 1,404 RBIs, and a batting average of .295. Some sports commentators believe he is a strong candidate for the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

SUPPORTLike any successful person, Juan Gonzalez also had support which contributed to his success. He had his father who signed his contract with the Texas Rangers since Gonzalez was under age. He had his best friend Edwin Figueroa, who stood by his side. Also, Gonzalez and George W. Bush share a special friendship and as a result, Gonzalez visited the White House twice.


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