Journey to Adoption

by steflee410
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Journey to Adoption

My journey begins. We are starting a family. I'm so excited. I'm ready to be a mom. I can't wait for the adventure down this road.

My friends are getting pregnant but I'm not. I guess I need to be patient. I know I'm meant to be a mom. I have wanted this my whole life. I want to feel my baby move within me. I want to hold my child .

We are so excited. We are going through a proceedure called 'Invitro'. My doctor seems to think we have a very good chance. The only problem is money. We'll find a way.

My friends and family are now having 2nd children. I feel so left out. I feel like something is wrong with me. Have I done something wrong? Am I being punished? It all just feels so unfair. It is so hard to be positive. Everyone has advice for me. No one except Chris understands.

I know this is going to work. Everything is falling into place. When I need something, it just happens. This is God's plan for me to have a child.

We are so devasted. Why? Everthing fell into place and still no baby? We have to sell our house and move in with my parents so we could afford this. Now my baby brother's girlfriend is pregnant. They're getting married and so excited. I'm angry and hurt like I'm being punished.

That's it. I have to be more positive. I know that my desire to have children is God-given. I have to trust that God has a plan. It's not easy, but I know that I'm going to have a child. God is going to place a child in my arms. I can feel it.

June 2nd, 2002.I have to put the date. I don't want to ever foget this day. Chris and I were sitting in my mom's kitchen just enjoying our Sunday afternoon. Jaccen and Dawn stopped by to visit with us.. They want us to adopt their unborn child. I'm so shocked. Everything we have gone through has been worth it to be at this moment.. I'm going to be a mom. I will get to hold my child in my arms. This journey has been 8 years long and devastating at times. Tears, anger, and now joy. Thank goodness for the broken roads we traveled to be here.

Sometimes in life you are sent down an unwanted path. It can be dark and scary. However, at the end of the broken road stands the reason for it all. So keep your chin up and keep on going.


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