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JaviLoscertales's glogster

~ My name is Javi and I am 13 years old I'm not so tall, but I'm not short I length 1,65 meters. I have got blond hair and brown eyes . I'm very friendly, and I like to play with my friends.

My self

~ My father and My mother are separated. I live in Tomares with my father and her Wife Gimena but I love her as my second mother. Some days I live in Gines with my mom and sister, too.

~ I like to play online with my friends so much. I also enjoy to play football. I like to see football matches in my house but sometimes I prefer to see basketball matches. I hate to see the programs that my little sister likes.

~ My favourite colour is blue and My favourite football team Real Betis Balompie, I like to play Playstation online with my friends. I love the saga of Call of Duty.


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