Jamestowen project

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Jamestowen project

We will depart from Great Britan on may 21st, 1678 at about 1700. We should arive in Jamestown in about 4 months, making it about September 15th our arrival date.

We will take with us 5 women, 10 sailors, an astronomer,four children, a carpenter, 3 doctors,our Captian, and a mathemetician,

We will settle in Jamestown!• Unlike St. Augustine we will not being going to the first settlement, but the first English settlement.• When our captian gives us the ok, we will begin exiting the ship and spend one night then begin to look for gold in the morning. As with other settlers in Jamestown already.•Our captian has already benn on 3 voages and will guide us on the "dos and don'ts of the journey. Ex. on one journey we ran short of food. We have enough this trip.

Calling all adventure seekers!

Find GOLD in the New World!

Who will go?

We chose route 1 (top) becsuse in the south there is an alleged storm brewing.We chose route 2 (middle) as an alternate because it is the shortest but may be closer to the storm.We chose route 3 (bottom) due to the fact our ship can hold more then what were taking so we may go to africa and pick up a slave load.

People/ cabins

Captians Quaters


We will take about 4lbs. of food per person per day. With 26 people for 120 days, we will take about 12,480 lbs. of food



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