Jade L. Correll!!!!!! I

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Jade L. Correll!!!!!! I

The Mexican Spotted Owl lives in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Colorado. It feeds on: rodents, birds, lizards, insects, and even bats!The population for The Mexicanspotted owl is 2,106.


Route 66Route 66 passes through Flagstaff and Winona Arizona.

Linda Ronstadt!!!Linda Ronstadt is 65 years old. She is a long-time musian.She was born on July 15, 1946 in Tucson, Arizona. Some of her songs are 'Poor Poor Pitiful Me' and 'Heart Like a Wheel'.

Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon has many old human artifacts. Some are over 12000 years old!!! They were made during the Paleo-Indian Period. The Grand Canyon is encompassed over 1,218,375 acres on the Colorado Plateau in N. Western AZ.

THE PETRIFIED FOREST!The Petrified Forest is wher dinosaurs used to roam. Theodore Roosevelt created Petrified Forest National Monument on December 8, 1906. Petrified Forest was designated as a national park on December 9, 1962.The park has 93,533 acres (about 147 square miles) within park boundaries, with legislation in 2004 increasing the administrative boundary to 218,533 acres.



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