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IT Director Certification

Camp Create

Kelli Erwin

Why was Camp Create designed as a part of completing the IT Director certification program?I am currently working for on strategic professional development. I design and facilitate unique teaching and learning opportunities for educators to explore the integration of technology into the core curriculum. Creating the Camp Create professional development event allowed me to provide a unique learning opportunity that can be shared with educators across Texas and the United States. The focus of Camp Create is on using a project-based teaching/learning approach to integrating technology applications into the core curriculum. The goal for Camp Create is to provide educators the experience of learning through technology integration in an effort to prepare them for successfully teaching using technology integration. The resources shared during a variety of the webinars helped to develop the training model and activities to be used during the Camp Create event. The need for quality and engaging professional development, that goes beyond the basics, became evident through conversations with IT Directors during the classes and through outside discussions. Camp Create has been designed to be engaging and inspiring.

Camp Create related resources may be found by clicking on the paperclip below.

Applied Skills and Strategies1. 21st Century Skills are key.2. Blooms' - applying, evaluating, creating are included in Camp Create.3. Curriculum Design is impacted by few, but impacts many.4. Team building can make learning fun for educators. Change is not easy.5. Three tiers of technology integration must be a guide.

Copyright Permission was key

Click image above to view the video (YouTube link) created during Camp Create Secondary.

Student created product from Camp Create Elementary.

Technology Integration Best Practices1. Know your infrastructure and what will work before deciding what tool to use.2. Expected learning outcome guides the tool used for teaching and learning.3. The learning needs to be authentic and engaging. 4. The use of technology becomes routine.5. Student becomes the learner and giver of knowledge.


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