Isaac Newton & Galileo Galilei

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Isaac Newton & Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton & Gelileo Galilei

This Picture shows all the things in the background that Isaac Newton has discovered and created.

This is Isaac Newton who discovered Gravity and Laws of Motion.

This video gives a fun and brief look at history. It clearly say all the things they have done especially Isaac Newton. It conicides with this project as it is all the things Isaac Newton has done.

This telescope is the telescope that Isaac Newton discovered. It is the earliest function telescope that was created in his time.

This video is a biography on who he was. It explains what he did and what he actually was.

This a whole lot shorter biography of Isaac Newton. It goes directly into what discoveries he has made.

Galileo constructed his own version of a thermoscope that relied on the expansion and contraction of air in a bulb to move water in an attached tube.

Galileo had conducted experiments that demonstrated that heavier bodies did not fall faster than lighter ones – another belief consistent with Aristotelian theory. Which is clear in the making of his clock where Aristotelian physics was still the predominant way of explaining the behavior of bodies near the Earth. For example, it was believed that heavy bodies sought their natural place or rest such as in the middle.

This picture shows the discovery of us seeing colors and how he discovered gravity with an apple.

Sir Isaac Newton is one of the world renowned scientists that changed the world. He changed our views on how we percieved colors. He made our laws of motion which has helped people figure out how to make cars safer. He also discovered gravity which proved the Heliocentric theory and how planets revolve around the sun in a freefall fashion. He has made us understand calculus and how it can be applied in everyday life.

Having become more sophisticated and mobile, gunners needed tools to help them coordinate and calculate their fire. So between 1595 and 1598, Galileo devised and improved a geometric and military compass for use by gunners and surveyors.

This picture shows what he discovered in space. He discovered things such he backed up even further the heliocentric theory.

This video is how Galileo changed the world with his studies during his time.

This video is a short video of what he discovered during his studies.

This Last video is also about Galileo and what he had discovered.

Galileo Galilei is a astronomer and scietists who helped further back up Copernicus's heliocentric theory. He also tried to disprove the church's idea of the Aristotle geocentric theory. He had to recant his studies as he was under law to not study it anymore and stop anyone else who might want to study similar things.

These are what I believe to be their greatest contributions to the world.


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