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Tebello Nyokong

she has reaserched cancer treatments and has invented a new one called photo-dynamic therapy this uses light activated drugs to cure the cancer the drug is called photosynthesizing agents they react with a very concentrated light ray.

in the beginning she spent most of her first eight years of her life outside of her contry she was born in. She was in primary school. on her off days she would pend them tending sheep. instead of this discouraging her it increased her self confidence because the thought she could do anything a boy could do durning this time.

currently she is researching photo-dynamic therapy this is an alternative cancer treatment that is thought to work better then chemotherapy.

what she works on

Date of Birthborn October 20, 1951


in 2004 she was awarded the Order of Mapungubwe metalthen in 2009 she won the L'Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science she had won 5 other metals after those two.

awardes won

her research



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