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Hi! My name is Alisha Books and I'm 28. Pictured here is my loving husband, Matthew and in my belly is our soon to be first child! We were married on 12/13/14 and currently live in Davison with our pup, Charlie. This year I am teaching kindergarten at Grand Blanc Academy and serving at Applebee's. I live a very crazy, busy life with going to school and working two jobs but I love it! When I'm not doing one of those things mentioned above you can find me reading or running. I started running in February of last year and have completed 14 races so far!

I earned my undergrad at Baker College in elementary education with a language arts and early childhood endorsement. I have been teaching for 4 years. Two in preschool, one in middle school, and currently in kindergarten!

Last year was especially hard for me with struggling readers. I taught 6-8 reading and most students came reading below grade level. I had such a span of reading levels it was hard to identify their needs and how to help them. Currently I am facing the challenges of helping students who are at the emerging level and learning how to identify letters and sounds. I hope this class will help to identify some strategies that I can use in the classroom.


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