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The sixth through eighth graders had to research questions on internet safety. They had to create a script to read on camera from their questions. Then they had to find pictures to represent their questions. All of this came together in a slide video. Enjoy!!

Internet Safety Videos

Cyberbullying By: Abby & Kayla

HackingBy: Laura & Aniyah

Online FlirtingBy: David & Derrick

CyberbullyingBy: Ahjene & Essence

Proper ProtectionBy: Fabrice & Erick

PrivacyBy: Eric & Jehhneef

PersonalBy: Kimberly & Alana

Online SafetyBy: Dayrin & Dalena

SearchingBy: Melissa & Destinee

Safe SearchingBy: Glorimar & Emily

Online ResponsibilityBy: George & Frank


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