Internet Safety

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Internet Safety

10 Tips1. Dont give out any perosonal information2. Do not give your passwords to anyone but your parents.3. When creating a screen name do not include any personal infromation (last name, date of birth, ect...)4. Ask your parents before posting any photos or videos.5. Only agree to be friends with people you actually know.6. Don't send or reply to mean or insulting messages. Tell your parents if you receive one. No Bullying!7. Do not open any online ads. Some ads may trick you by offering free things or saying you won something as a way of collecting your personal information. 8. Talk with your parents before downloading any software or attachments. Sometimes they contain viruses. 9. Talk to your parent or teacher about safe and accurate websites for research. 10. Remember not everything you read online is true!

Internet Saftey

Making the Internet safe for kidsBy: Fox NewsThis is an article by Fox on how to help keep kids safe on the internet and why knowing about internet safety is so important

1. Protecting Our Kids*This is a website that will provide you with more information about Protection on the Internet. It also gives infotmation about web filtering, recommended web sites, and free anti-virus protection. 2. Basic Internet Safety*Here you will find information about cyberullying, exposure to inappropriate material, online predators, and revealing too much personal information. It also gives some tips to dealing with these problems and preventing them. 3. Parents Guide to Internet Safety* This website is from the FBI and has infromation and tips for parents about internet safety for there children. It has all different scenarios that could happen with your children on the internet and how to deal with them. It also provides signals to look for in your child if they are at risk on-line.

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