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Language Arts

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Interactive Oral Presentation


The Outsider: Cultural Influences Part Two

Existentialism: Philosophy that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will.

The novel takes place in Algiers. Since Camus was a french citizen living in Algeria, can this novel be seen as autobiographical?

Consider the following:French Civil Law and Crimes of Passion The Roles of Arabs, Moors and Berbers in French Algeria Camus' beliefs on Arab EqualityThe Catholic Church in French Algeria

How might it have been different if the author had set his novel in Paris?

In 1940, while he went to look for work in Paris, that was around the time Germany invaded France. The war left him with a bad impression.

Why does the man Meursault murder remain nameless?

The novel was written and takes place in World War II, yet WWII is not mentioned in the text. Was this an artistic choice or omission?

Life is absurd and death renders it meaningless -- for the individual. But mankind and its societies are larger than one person.

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