Interactive Oral Presentation Part one

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Language Arts

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Interactive Oral Presentation Part one

The Role of Arabs, Moors and Berbers in French Algeria

Camus's Beliefs on Arab Equality

The Outsider:Cultural Influences Part One


French Civil LawAndCrimes of Passion

French are considered superior to the Arabs. Killing an Arab was a minor offense, but not obeying French and Christian customs was apparently punishable by death.

Even when trying to write sympathetically of the Arabs in Algeria and the poverty in which they were forced to live, Camus still leaves the impression that the Arabs need to be "civilized" by the French culture.

Not able to treat Arabs as he did with his French comrades

France colonized Algeria 1857 and we seen as lesser beings.Arabs were very protective of the women in their lives.

The Catholic Church in French Algeria

Most Algerians were Muslims or Jewish. 1940 the French in Algeria were outnumbered 9 to 1.

The use of ''Crimes of passion'' was a valid defense used notably in France.



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