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Information for Parents about Battle of the Books

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Q. How can I help my child be successful with the Battle of the Books competition?

A. You can assist your child by reminding them to read the Battle Books. It may be difficult for some students to read 15 books for the competition. If your child is having difficulty keeping up with the reading, try checking out some of the books from Howard County Library and listen to them on tape instead. Your child has been given a folder with flashcards to help them memorize the book titles and authors. Your child is also expected to take notes and make up discussion questions about each battle book. You can help your child to be sucessful with this program by helping them to memorize the book titles and authors and by encouraging them to write book discussion questions to be shared at our weekly practices.

Q. My child is an alternate. What does that mean?

A. We have a few alternates for Battle of the Books teams. This means that we were unable to gather enough students to create another team for your child. As an alternative, we were able to add names of student alternates for each team. In the event that a student drops out or is unable to attend the competition, the student alternates would be added. Student alternates will be expected to attend practices and attend the Battle of the Books competition in April.



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