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LAND & CLIMATE...India is 1,269,338 sq. mi.Relative Location- South of China and north of Sri Lankaclimate ...Always between 40°F and 100°FThe Himalayas is a major physical feature


LIFESTYLEFAMILY-Families are large and live near or together .HOUSING- Types of housing vary according to climate, economic standing, and cultural religious affiliations. Many choose to live in suburbs, where apartments are the norm DATING & MARRIAGE- dating is not common and it's up to the parents to date.LIFE CYCLE- Hindu families hold a naming ceremony 28 days after birth. When a Hindu dies, the body is burned on a funeral pyre.DIET- depends on culture and religion. Rice is a staple in the south, while wheat bread is a staple in the north. Indian food is usually spicy.RECREATION- The sports cricket, soccer, and feild hockey are very popular.Women usually do not play sports.THE ARTS- Indians appreciate a variety of dance and music styles. Common instuments are the sitar, tabla, and sarod.HOLIDAYS- International New Years Day (Jan.1), Republic Day (Jan.26), and Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday(Oct.2)

SOCIETYGOVERNMENT- A democratic republic, India is divided into 28 states and seven union territories. A prime minister is head of the government.ECONOMY-India is primarily an agricultural nation.It is aleading producer of peanuts, rice, cheese, tobacco, wheat, cotton, milk, sugarcane, and rubber.TRANSPORTATION & COMMUNICATION- Roads in urban areas are well developed,but those in rural communities are usually unpaved.Buses are the main source of transportation.Many people own televisions.Radios are widespread.Teiephone service is expanding.EDUCATION-Schooling is free, and compulsory from ages 6 to 14.HEALTH-Most heath disasters are from natural disasters, malnutrition, and poor sanitation.

HISTORYAfter WW1, Mahatma Gandhi led a continuing nationalist movement, advocating disobedience. Just north of Punjab lies Kashmir, India's most disputed and fought over territory.After Indira Gandhi's death, the powerful Congress Party gradually weakened in the face of economic troubles, a rise in Hindu fundamentalism.


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