Immigration in the United States

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DID YOU KNOW?"On January 1, 1892, Annie Moore, a teenager from County Cork, Ireland, was the first immigrant processed at Ellis Island. She had made the nearly two-week journey across the Atlantic Ocean in steerage with her two younger brothers. Annie later raised a family on New York City’s Lower East Side" (History.comStaff).

Immigration in the United States

Mission 4: City of Immigrants

Meet Young Immigrants

Immigrants at Schools

The U.S. government ruled that all people, including immigrants have a right to an education. This means that they are treated the same as citizens of the United States, and are also able to recieve free lunch.Students will all be treated equally by faculty and staff because every student deserve a good education.

America's Melting Pot

Welcome to New York

If you click on the link you can go and play a game to view the life as an immigrant when they frist enter the United States!

If you click on the link you can read about Young Immigrants that started a new life in the United States!

Why did people want to move to the United States?

If you click on the link you can go and read about why people migrated to the United States!

This is an image of illegal immigrants migrating to the United States.

Ellis Island

The Statue of Liberty

Extra Extra Read All About It!Click here for the article on immigration in the past and immgration in todays world!


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