how to create a poster.

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Test Glog

How to use Glogster

Step 1: Click "wall" on the toolbox. You will have many themes and choices for the background of your wall and page boarder.You can also upload your own pictures for the wall from iphoto, the school server, your desktop and the internet.

Step 2: click on "text". Here you have the option to create a huge variety of titles, text boxes and speech bubbles.Step 3: click on the paper you have chosen then select "edit" this is where you will find colour, fonts and sizes for your text.

Try to add an image with a frame. Click "image" "upload" and choose the image you want.

Or add a video from YouTube, Photoboothor imovie. Just click "video"


If you "edit" any image there is a link which links the image to the internet whenyou click it. Click the cat and you will see Miss Tilley's student art web page! ENJOY

Click on the bird and you wll seeMiss Tilley's school art blog.You can link anything on your poster.Look at the cat below!


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