How to Add Images to Your Glog

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How to Add Images to Your Glog

To Add Images to your Glog

... you must collect your images in a folder on the desktop. a. RIGHT click on the desktop, select "NEW", then select "Folder." Name it something like "Sophi's glog pictures". b. Do a Google search for the title of your novel ( Narrow the search to images only by finding the word "Images" at the top of your screen and clicking on it. c. Click on one of the images and make sure that it is not super-tiny by clicking on "See full size image". (If the image is super-small, it will only blur if you try to enlarge it on your glog.) d. When you find an image that your like AND are viewing it in full size, RIGHT click on it, select "Save picture as" and save it to your glog pictures folder by selecting DESKTOP in the LEFT part of the window that comes up and selecting your glog pictures folder in the list on the right. You can change the name if you want to.

How to Add Images to Your Glog

...clear the desktop of your glog pictures folder before you leave this computer. You can do one of two things: a. You can save your glog pictures folder to your FTP folder just like you save any folder to the FTP folder (be sure to delete your glog pictures folder from the desktop before you leave the computer). b. You can just upload all the images from your glog pictures folder to your glog images and they will be there for you to use in the future--so you really don't need to save the glog pictures folder to the FTP folder unless you have some other reason to do so. must upload the image for you to use it on your glog. a. Go back to creating your glog ( b. Use the "Magnet Tool" which is attached to the LEFT of your glog (GRAPHICS, TEXT, IMAGE, etc.) and click on "Image." c. Click on "Upload". d. Select "desktop" in the list on the LEFT, scroll up and down until you find your glog pictures folder and click on it. e. Find the image and double click on it. Now it is in your pictures for you to use on your glog!

...use uploaded images on your glog. a. Go to the "Magnet Tool" attached to the LEFT of your glog and select "image" by clicking on it. b. Click on the image you want to use. A red frame will surround it in the list AND it will appear in the RIGHT part of the Images window above the words "Add a frame" and "USE IT". c. Click on "Add a frame" if you want a frame for the image. d. Once you have selected a frame (or skipped adding a frame), click on "USE IT".






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