how do we waste water?

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HOW DO WE WASTE WATER IN OUR GARDENS?1.When we help our parents with the watering we water every plant. But after the sun had evaporated the water before the plants could drink it 2.We use water from the hose instead from the rainwater tank to clean cars and bike.3.We love to play under the sprinkler in summer….BUT WE ARE WASTING A LOT OF WATER!SOLUTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS........•If you help your parents out with the gardening, make sure you only water plants in the early morning or evening so the sun doesn’t evaporate it all before the plants can drink it •Use water from the rainwater tank instead of the hose to water plants and clean cars and bikes •Playing under the sprinkler or hose in summer can use heaps of water – if you want to play in water head for the beach or the local swimming pool


HOW DO WE WASTE WATER IN OUR HOUSES....?1. We keep running the water tap until the water gets cool so we can drink it as WE want2. We don’t turn the tap off tightly…..some or a lot of water will drip of3. As we brush our teeth we keep the tap running till we finish4. Our showers are very long…some water is enough another is too muchSOLUTIONS TO OUR PROBLEMS........1. Keep a bottle of drinking water in your refrigerator instead of running our tap until the water gets cool enough each time you want some water 2. Always turn taps off tightly so they don’t drip 3. When you’re brushing your teeth, don’t keep the tap running 4. Try to take shorter showers

Running toilets: It is possible for a toilet to run without someone really noticing. Sometimes it's a big leak and sometimes it isn't. Many times the water utility is in fact the first to notice

How can you discover if your toilet leaks? 1. Lift off the lid from your toilet seat. 2. Place three or four drops of ordinary food coloring into the toilet tank (note - do not use dye - it could stain). 3. Do not flush or otherwise disturb the toilet for one or two hours or longer. At the end of the waiting period, observe the toilet bowl. If the color you placed into the tank shows up in the bowl, you have a leak.



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