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Horror Movie Report



This introduction makes the audience feel automatic empathy for the girl as we understand she is in danger and therefore produces an intense connection between the film and the viewer. This was the introduction we chose as we believe it creates great impact and conventionally works.

We decided that the victim would be the first to be introduced therefore giving her the role of main character so that we empathise. The villain first appears, in a close up shot of the girl however he is seen behind her amongst the trees (hidden). The low key lighting portrays the dark effect this character will have on the victim and as he is stood fairly far away (watching) this depicts him as a strange character as if he wanted her surely he would get her?

There are many ways that specific characters can be introduced within the horror genre. Either the victim/s or the villain/s can start the opening or there can be a view of an event where a crime is comitted (which would focus mainly on the villain if the victim dies, so that the narrative is understood). When the victim is the first to be introduced it can be effective to show them in an every day occassion to set the equilibrium therefore when the disurption is caused by the villain, there is a clear contrast. When the Villain is the first to be introduced, it can be that the shots are focused on them meaning we are able to understand their characteristics so that from then on through the film tension is caused as we are able to suspect the narrative. I believe the introductary convention we chose is effective as it clearly illustrates the genre and produces a frightening mood from the start. The viewer would want to know what her outcome is!


The viewer knows something the character does not and causes more emotional stress as they feel they want to help her. This may also cause guilt as it gives them the sense that they are part of this. Increases tension as we now know that the villain has found her. Creating a suspisious characteristic in relation to the villain as we identify him as a mentalist who wants to prolong the horrific experience for the girl.

The vulnerable girl begins the opening sequence as we watch her running desperately through the setting (a woods). Using a close up shot of her feet on the ground and then low angle aswell as long shot to show her appearance. This means that as the action is straight in, this shocks the audience and sets the tense atmosphere. As we see that she is a young girl, we expect the worst. The audience questions why she is running, who from?




Victim Villain


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